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                                    Workers' Rights           

Right to Form a Union     
     The United States of America is a country where people strongly believe that all people have unalienable rights. And, our people also believe that they have a Bill of Rights which protects those precious rights. However, many large corporations, and other organizations, do not believe that all those rights should be protected after a person signs an employment contract.
     Jerry Cantrell, like Senator Bernie
Sanders of Vermont, believes that
our individual rights should be
protected and expanded . They both
believe our First Amendment rights
include the right of association. And
from this basic right, citizens should
have the collective right to form unions
      More specifically, a majority of the workers should be able to form a union and alliance to promote what the workers feel are their common interests. And also, they should be able to strike if their employer does not provide them with adequate wages and safe working conditions.
     UnfortunatelyVirginia's laws limit the power of unions to apply strong economic pressure on their employers. They cannot act as a completely united front for the promotion of a fair and honorable living wage. Therefore, if elected Jerry will promote the right of any employment majority to  demand complete unionization of their workplaces.

Minimum Wage Law
      Jerry believes that all workers have the right to earn a "living wage" and not a" starvation wage". Therefore, he will fight for legislation that will provide workers, in large size companies, with a minimum wage of at least fifteen dollars an hour. He will also fight for small business living wage grants. So that owners,of this size of company, will be able to provide their workers with the same minimal level of economic security as those employees working in larger corporations. All hard working people should be given respect by their employers. And, more importantly, they also have the right to know that their employment will meet their minimum economic needs.

Pay Equity

      In 1963 Congress passed the Equal Pay Act. . That law made it illegal for employers to pay unequal wages to male and femal emplyees who  perform work of equal effort, skill and responsibility.  However,  even today there are signicant wage disparities between men and women in both the private and public sector work forces.
      If he is elected,  Jerry  will strongly support legislation to reduce the gender wage gap in Virginia. He will also support a Paycheck Fairness Act which  will guarantee that all employees get equal pay for performing types of  equal work.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan-ESOP

      Jerry believes that our state laws should strongly support the creation of worker owned businesses  and cooperatives.. These types of empowering employment structures are democratic  in nature and can promote a very high level of worker productivity and organizational support.  Additonally,  Jerry  believes that all large companies should provide their employees some form of employee ownership plan (ESOP). Both the company and employees would have a long term interest and stake  in a company. And, it could reduce the potential for large companies to desert a community because of strictly profit level decision rules.        

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