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Families and Households
       Virginia's Coming Agricultural and Industrial Revolution

     Our district, and  the whole Piedmont geographic region of Virginia, is blessed with soil that is rich enough to produce an  abundance of agricultural products ( corn,cotton, soybeans,tobacco, wheat). It is also an area that can produce a large volume of logs and lumber. However, intense international economic competition and harsh weather conditions are making it harder and harder for family farms to stay financially afloat. Fortunately, there is often a rainbow after any storm. And in this instance there can also be a pot of gold at the end of our agricultural rainbow. More specifically, recent scientific discoveries and  technological advancements are rapidly setting the stage for a new agricultural and industrial revolution  in America.
       Virginia and the other forty nine states will be  impacted by these discoveries. However our state, unlike the others, has a  greater window of opportunity to reap unimaginable benefits from the early adoption of some of the more specialized advanced technologies .  Thus, Jerry will act to quickly  introduce legislation to create a new and revolutionary economic infrastructure in southeastern Virginia. One that  will  provide greater economic freedom and wealth for all of our district’s residents. And, one that will allow local small businesses ,rather  than large absentee multinational corporations, to control our district’s economic future.  Here are a few of his proposals to create this new agricultural and industrial economy in our region.
Twenty First Century Nanotechnology Revolution

     If elected,  Jerry  will quickly present legislaton that will make our district 's economy a model for Virginia and the whole United States of America. More specifically, he will propose legislation so as to create incubator programs for the advancement and development of materials and technologies that will create an economic boom in our region of the state. Here are the technologies which he will fight to develop in this district.

      Graphene is a material that is expected to revolutionize many
aspects and areas of modern life. It was discovered in 2005 and has many properties that  are hard to imagine. More specifically, it is the strongest,  best electrical conducting, and thinnest man made material. 
Additionally, it can be mixed with other materials to create even more
astonishing materials and economic products.  That is why it is being called the twenty first century's " wonder material".
     Jerry understands that our district can become the premier producer
of this world changing material called graphene. He also believes our district can become a new Geen Carbon  Region. A region that will become even more technologically advanced than California's Silicon Valley. Primarily, because the carbon based material can be produced from many of our region's and state's abundant resources. Materials such as coal,soybeans, and used motor oil.    
      Jerry knows that  soy bean companies around communities, such as Windsor, could have an incredible potential for economic  growth.

Wood Based Computer Chips

     Besides the development of the carbon based material graphene,  Jerry   also understands that our region can become the center of a wood based computer chip industry. Reason being, that our region has an abundance of the  timber resources that can  be  used in the production of advanced biodegradeable semiconductors. Modern technological advances will allow the manufacturing of sophisticated materials than can be used to replace toxic materials that are used in the production of past state- of- the art computer chips. Communities all across the 64th  district could create startup companies to produce these biodegradeable and earth friendly electronic componets. Potentially, cities like Franklin could become growth pole centers for a new biodegradeable electronic component industry.

3D Printing Production Processes

     The invention, and mass production, of cheap  three dimensional
printers  has the potentail to revolutionize  global manufacturing processes. This advanced printing  technology can be used to quickly  make solid products. Thus, it can be used to create products without a cumbersome and costly manufacturing assembly line. Products can be made in homes, garages,and in small business workplaces. Our region could see a return to a craft industry where many products are completely produced and consumed in the local area markets.

3D Printed Cotton  Textile Industry

     The future development  of 3D printing process could also create
a revolution in the manufacturing of cotton textile fabrics. Various companies have worked to develop 3D cotton fabric printers. However, not enough financial support has been available to dramtically kick  start this  new and potentially multibillion dollar industry. Therefore, if Jerry
is elected, he will present legislation that will help to stimulate this incredible industry in our area. Potentially , hundreds of new textile small business could start up in  areas around Windsor and Smithfield.
       Please look at a number of educational videos that others have produced to describe the potential of graphene, soybean graphene production,3d printing processes, wood based computer production, and the potential of smart cotton fabrics.  Hopefully, you will then see what a great future is potentially in store for the residents of our district.

More information can be found at the links below

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