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Basic Infrastructure Needs

       Virginia is experiencing a period of urban growth and transportation system expansion. Unfortunately , this expansion has not meant that all areas of our state have received their fair share of developmental benefits. More specifically, our area , like many other rural areas in Virginia, must continually deal with inadequate local and state transportation budgets that do not completely meet the needs of maintaining our district's declinging primary and secondary highway system.
      Cities get large amounts of money for highway development but our small rural communities do not get enough state financial assistance to deal with the increasing traffic that passes through our district. And consequently this increases the deterioration of our roads. This state of rural budgetary affairs is even more exaserbated by the increasing volume of interstate commuters who add additional burden to our local roadways.
       Jerry believes that the urban areas of Virginia are not adequately dealing with their transportation problems. They constantly want to have economic growth while encroaching more and more on the scenic areas and farmland lands of our state. However, they do not want to greatly expand their mass transit systems. Thus, many of our urban areas are draining more and more of our precious transportation dollars for high systems that will be inadequate for future highway traffic needs. 
       If elected, Jerry will fight to promote urban mass transit system deveolpment for the urban areas that surround our beautiful rural area. This action will help to ease the urban sprawl pressure for massive highway expansions throughout the whole Tidewater region. And, it will reduce the urban special interests arguments that we must always build transportation projects that supposedly meet our mutual economic needs. While in reality most of the benefits go to the urban residents and corporation owners that do not even live in the region.
        Jerry argues that our district needs to significantly  increase funding for the improvement of many of our local roads and highways. Repairs that will meet our traffic needs  without creating additional mass highway systems that will destroy our wonderful  district's natural beauty and country way of life. Thus, he will fight to bring home more revenue for the improvement of all our region's basic transportation needs.

Small Town Highway Bypasses

       All of our small communites need to have large truck bypasses. Most urban communies create businees routes and thus reduce noise and wear -and- tear on  the local downtown business districts. Jerry argues that our area needs to immediately work to make our local communities more commuter and resident friendly by redirecting  the
large volume of  transient commuters around our  more inhabited areas.

Virginian Highways and Tunnels are  Not  for Sale

       Jerry believes that it is  totally unacceptable for any state to sell its basic transportation infrastucture to either a national or international company. These are the basic services that communities and a state are elected to provide residents and they should always be controlled by the immediate will of the voters. Not by administrators who approve contracts that allow companies to  own a highway or tunnel for years or even decades into the future. By law, companies could  be  allowed to construct our roads but they should  never be allowed to  own the actual roads. The roads should always be completely owned and controlled by  the immediate will of the residents of both our region and sate.
No New Toll  Roads

       Jerry does not support the creation of toll roads which allow companies to make private gain because of public needs. Needs that can be more fairly and properly met by increasing gas taxes on certain types of gas consumers. Large national and internaqtional companies can easily afford to pay the  toll  user  fees while the costs can greatly reduce the competitiveness of small businesses. Therefore, Jerry will not support the creation of any new toll roads in the state of Virginia. 

       Jerry believes that a  1987 Virginia law that encourages private ownership of toll projects should be repealled.  It allows state and local politicans the luxury of not raising local taxes when they are immediately needed . Instead, it gives them the ability to provide immediate public road improvements while passing inflated costs of construction onto future generations. Costs that will  probably be increased because of declining  purchasing power  of the dollar and because of long term indebtedness. For example, the American Automobile Association has estimed that  the the financing of toll roads with bonds can dramatically increase the long term debt that taxpayers will need to pay off.  And the association  insists  that after everthing is said and done, future generations will pay for the short sighed thinking of present administrators and political leaders.  Even the consumer advocate Ralph Nader has  said that  private ownership of roads was a ''terrible idea'' because corporations would charge exorbitant tolls and build only the most profitable projects.

No More Roads to Nobody
       Jerry believes that all Virginians should be outraged by the decision of the Commonwealth Transportation Board to  completely scrap  plans for a  bypass around theTown of Windsor.  This action is even more outrageous when you consider that our state taxpayers originally paid over $300 million for a highway  that was never even built.. More specifically,  a bypass highway that  supposedly was needed to deal with hurricane evcuations and  the future expansion of the area's international shipping ports.
        Previous Republican governor Robert McDonnell had planned to build  a new highway parallel to U.S. 460 outside Hampton Roads  without first ensuring that the project would receive necessary environmental permits.  Subsequently,  the Army Corps of Engineers
denied any permits because of potential damage to the area's delicate wetlands. And now, years after the Route 460 planning fiasco occurred,  the state wants to simply  carry out cheaper and less environmentally harmful road improvement projects.
       Jerry believes that Virginian taxpayers were totally cheated by the McDonnell administration.'s poorly managed contractural practices. The money for the original highway construction is  gone, wasted,  and can never be recouped. It is gone without a single spadeful of dirt being turned for a 55-mile highway. It was literally a Road for Corporate Profit.
       If he is elected , Jerry will make sure that there are no more roads
to nobody.  A new state law now requires that the state provide  greater legislative review over all new highway construction projects. However, it has never completely  examined all of the reasons
for the wasteing of our taxpayer's hard earned money. The amount of revenue loss may not have been a legal crime but it definitely was a moral crime to the people or both our district  and state.
       Therefore, Jerry believes that this contracting  fiasco should be  more fully investigated by a specially appointed oversight committee.  Especially since the Isle of Wight county supervisers should have been activelyinformed about the development of the highway project. Also, Jerry believes that efforts should still be made to recoup all of the money that was spent on the project.
Three hundred million dollars is not pocket change. Many other needed road repairs will not be made and a large corporate contractor walked off with a big paycheck for doing virtually nothing.
       Route 460 still needs to be improved.  Additionally, it also needs a truck bypass around the downtown business district. If he elected ,Jerry will support the basic reparations of Route 460.  However, he will not support the creation of a major new  highway that will be under used. It would simply be another waste of precious taxpaper dollars.  



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