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                      Telecommunications in Our District              

     A well developed communications system is necessary for community  economic  growth and development.  It is also an essential part of any modern social and political society. However, our district is in need of the technological infrastructure that will meet the communication needs of our growing  rural communities. Therefore, Jerry will propose legislation to bring more accessible and dependable broadband service to our district.                       
     Jerry knows that there is an on going  telecommunications revolution in our world. Also, he knows that our district, and state, should develop  flexible strategies to deal with this rapidly changing technological environment.  Thus, he will provide legislation that will not waste taxpayer dollars  on network systems that will be outdated by the time they are  fully operational.  Here are a few pieces of legislation which he believes should be immediatley acted upon for all the rural areas of Virginia. Primarily because these are actions which can provide all of our residents with better communication services. And, some of those services can be provided at very low customer cost.        

Individual and Worker Owned Mesh Network Companies  
     Jerry will quickly present legislation to provide funding for the creation of a new area wide mesh nework broadband internet system. A system that will allow for the establishment of numerous locally owned and operated network  internet provider companies. They can be  be run and owned by new individual or employee owned local startup companies. And unlike large corporate telecommunication companies, who are always motivated by economic  profit margins, they will be self-motivated entrepreneurs who work hard for themselves and also go the extra distance to provide quality service for our rural communities.

New World Wide Internet System  

     Two dynamic companies, OneWeb and SpaceX ,  are feverishly working to create a new and revolutionary low orbit worldwide internet system. Consequently, a number of communication development experts believe that these new world wide internet providers will greatly improve customer service while also providing service competition in all rural areas. And, they also argue that many of these improvements will come within the next decade. Therefore, Jerry argues that no single broadband company be given an exclusive right to provide local internet service. 
     Here are a few videos, which a number of other people created, that  fully explain how  the development of  mesh networks and the ongoing technological revolution  will change our district's communication environment.
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