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Families and Households
                        Taxation , Lotteries, and User Fees

      In the late 1980s Jerry taught graduate level budgetting courses on fourteen air force bases in Europe. During that period of time he learned that budgets are only as good as the accounting and purchasing practices that support their operations. He also learned tax revenues can be derived by the levying of taxes, charging of user fees, incurring of debt, and by the creation of alternative sources of funding. And he also learned that additional revenue can be obtained by eliminating unnecessary items called tax expenditures. That is to say, by eliminating unnecessary tax credits and  deductions.                     
      Here are a few revenue proposals which Jerry thinks would be appropriate  for the financial well-being of both our district and state.                                        
Small Business Tax Moratorium

      Jerry believes that any new small business should not be taxed for a period of five years.  Reduced tax rates could also be provided for an additional period of five years. Theseactions  will help them a small business to sustain its operations during the most critical years of its development  .

Food Sales Tax

       Jerry believes that no person should have to pay taxes on basic food items. Especially since they are regressive taxes that always place more burden on lower income families and individuals. Therefore, if he is elected he will propose that anyl sales taxes on grocery items be repealled. Stuggling familes do not need to be taxed on basic food needs.

Large Corporation Tax Expenditures

       If he is elected, Jerry will review any corporate tax expenditures which are not really needed. Large corporations do not need to always be provided with what is essentially a form of  governmental welfare. Instead,  additional tax expenditures could be provided to small companies and to family farms.

Lottery Funding

       Jerry believes that lottery funding should only be used for educational purposes. And, they should only be used as " bonus "revenue for local school districts. And he also believes that they  should never be used to replace tax funds that could
have been raised through local tax initiatives.
Student Loan Relief Funding  
       Jerry believes that a percentage of state lottery funds should be earmarked to provide college and university student relief.  A special program should be estblished to help students renegoiate their loan debt. And, then students could repay the loans through direct student payments or by proving volunteer servises in community literacy expansion programs.

Crowdsource  Funding
      We live in a world where community development funds
can come from any place on the planet.  And now needed new enterprise venture capital can be raised by getting the support of thousands of small income donors or investers . This new  global reality means that our district can tap into new alternative income generating methods and help innovative projects with various state matching fund arrangements. Nonprofit projects such as Kickstarter can be supported so as to create whole new industries in both our district and throughout our state .                                                    
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