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Jerry's Professional Resume

Visiting Scholar                                                                                                              Lent Term 1987  Cambridge University                                                                               
Cambridge, United Kingdom           
 - Studied European perspectives and theories of how the global economic
    system is structured.

ABD Phd. Political Science                                                                                             1984 to 1986
Kent State University
Kent Ohio

 - Studied American politics and public administration courses.
 - Major areas of study included : American politics, American public administration 
    and public policy processes.
 - Minor areas of study included: budgetary analysis, and higher education

Master of Science, Political Science                                                                                1979 to 1982
West Virginia University

 - Studied courses that related to political economy and public policy analysis

Bachelor of Science, Political Science                                                                              1976 to 1978
Brigham Young University

 - Studied the foundations of our American political system.

Associate of Arts                                                                                                             1973 to 1975
Lakeland Community College                                                                                           

 - Studied basic liberal arts courses.


Coordinator Student Services                                                                                 April 2015  to Present
Central Texas College
Atlantic Division
Norfolk Naval Station

 - Review faculty paperwork and performance.
 - Provide student counseling and support.
 - Represent the college at educational functions.
 - Attend Navy College organizational meetings.

Professor                                                                                                             Aug 1998 to April 2015
Central Texas College
Norfolk Naval Station

 - Professor for the Navy NCPACE program .
 - Lectured and communicated effectively with military students from
    diverse backgrounds.
 - Taught undergraduate American government, introductory political science, and 
    the American presidency political science courses .
 - Emphasized the importance of academic honesty with students and instructed
    them on the proper citation of research sources.
 - Initiated thought-provoking classroom discussions to help students develop their
    critical thinking abilities .
 - Gained extensive knowledge of various countries and political societies while 
    becoming a supportive actor on fifty naval vessels .

Associate Professor                                                                                            Aug 1993 to May 1996
Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Durant, OK

 - Taught undergraduate level American government, legislative process, research 
    methods, public administration and public policy courses.
 - Advised students about university course and degree requirements.
 - Advised the university Native American Student Council .
 - Presented academic papers at the Oklahoma Social Science Association and
   Western Social Science Association conferences .
 - Conducted a study for the development of an undergraduate public administration
    degree program .

Assistant Professor                                                                                             Aug 1988 to Jul 1992
Troy State University
European Region
Weisbaden, Germany

 - Taught graduate level public administration courses for the university's European 
     Region’s Masters of Public Administration Program (MPA).
 - Primarily taught a variety of public budgeting , finance, planning, policy, and
    governmental computer systems courses.
 - Advised air force officers and professional military contractors about graduate 
   course requirements.
 - Taught on fourteen United States air force bases throughout Europe and the 
    Middle East.

Instructor                                                                                                           Aug 1987 to May 1988
University of Akron
Akron, OH

 - Taught undergraduate level American politics, constitutional law, research
    methods,state and local government, and urban politics courses.
 - Advised students on academic matters.

Congressional Staff Assistant                                                                             July 1983 to Sept 1983
Congress House of Representatives 
Washington D.C.
 - Helped provide pubic relations and constituent service for West Virginia 
   Congressman Nick Rahall (3rd Congressional district).

Environmental Planner and Administrative Assistant                                     July 1980  to July 1983
West Virginia Department of Natural Resources
Charleston, WV

 - Provided administrative and policy assistance and support forthe Deputy 
    Director of the Water Resources .
 - Helped develop the 1982 West Virginia Comprehensive Water Resources
    Protection Plan .
 - Reviewed hazardous waste management plans.
 - Reviewed the environmental impact of numerous proposed municipal water  
    treatment construction grants .
 - Participated in the federal and state A-95 environment planning process .

Legislative Staff Aide                                                                                          Sept 1979 to Jul 1980
West Virginia Office of Legislative Services 

 - Provided staff assistance for the West Virginia House of
 - Helped the House Education calculate  fiscal costs for numerous proposed  pieces 
    of   legislation. And, I also provided legislative support for any  member  of the

Administrative Assistant                                                                                     Jan 1977 to Jul 1977
Utah Governor's Office
 Salt Lake City, UT

 - Provided assistance for the Utah Governor's Council on Economic and Community
  Development .
 - Researched issues and reviewed proposed state legislation that related to   
  economic development of the state of Utah.
 - Identified the fiscal impact of various legislative proposals .


Delegate for Senator Gary Hart
Ohio Delegate  Democratic National Convention                                                                          1984
San Francisco, California.

Citizenship Award                                                                                                                       1973
Perry High School
Perry, Ohio
                                                       Lanquage Skills

French and Spanish
Some basic Italian and Turkish proficiency.