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Families and Households
Traffic Safety

     Traffic safety is a major problem across the state of Virginia. Law abiding residents cannot commute without taking a chance of either getting in an accident or possibly being injured. It is time for law abiding citizens to sound, the minute man and woman, call for greater safety on the streets and highways of our district and state. This state of highway traffic affairs urgently requires greater highway patrol monitoring and stricter aggressive driving violation punishment. That is why Jerry will actively fight for the following common sense traffic control measures.

        - Increased funding
          for the Virginia
         State Highway Police.

     This additional funding will provide for the employment of additional highway officers to patrol our state highways. This additional funding measure will also provide greater highway and residential safety for our district residents who live close to or travel on United States routes 13,58, and 460.      
     - An increase in the fine levels for aggressive driving and for vehicle tailgating.
     - Our Virginian motoring motto will be:

                     If You Disobey , You Will Pay

     No one should be injured or killed in an aggressive driving related traffic accident. Any traffic related injury or loss of life is more than a statistic, it is a personal and family tragedy.

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