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Families and Households First

     Jerry is a firm believer in the importance of families and strong households. He also knows that working adults are facing many diverse economic and social challenges. Thus, he is willing to work with both private and public institutions to create programs that will work to meet their various economic and social needs. Here are a few of his proposals to help families in our district.
Working families
     Any hard working member of a family deserves to earn a fair and decent living wage. That is why Jerry will present legislation which will work to meet the needs of different kinds of workers
and employers. Small businesses owners and employees will be given very strong incentives to work together and to produce rewarding business outputs. While, on the other hand, large conglomerate national and multi-national corporations will be asked to provide their employees with a much fairer and higher living wage.  

Social Safety Net  
     All states provide support for meeting the social needs of citizens in their state. Here are a few safety net proposals which Jerry will support if he is elected to represent the 64th District in Richmond.

Heath Care

     Jerry believes that our government has the moral responsibility to ensure that all Virginians have access to an adequate level of healthcare. No one should ever be denied care because of overly priced health care costs. That is why he will always support and defend the following health care system plans and proposals

- Support Virginia's State Rural Health Plan (VA-SRHP).  

  VA-SRHP is a rural strategic health plan that should be completely  
  implemented. It is a good beginning plan to provide for a better 
   health care  infrastructure in rural areas.

- Provide free health care for all needy children.

- Provide free preventive care services.

- Slow insurance premium growth.

- Show public support for Medicaid and Medicare funding  


- Expand coverage for Virginians with mental illnesses or substance

  use disorders.

- Increase tax credits to help pay for medical coverage.

- Lower costs for prescription drugs.
- Add common sense regulations to help reduce the escalating costs of      emergency room services.

- Provide greater financial assistance and support for the Western

  Tidewater Medical Reserve Corps.

  Volunteerism and service to others should always be the hallmark of 

  our great state.   


     All people need to have a place called home. That is why Jerry will work hard to bring better housing to all the needy rural families in southeastern Virginia. Our communities should be havens of joy and peace rather than conclaves of hopelessness and despair. Therefore, he will work hard to support and expand  the following state and federal housing programs.

- Affordable and Special Needs Housing Program

- Childcare for Homeless Children ( CHCP )

- Down payment Assistance ( DPA )

- Emergency Home and Accessibility Repair Program ( EHARP )

- Livable Homes Tax Credit ( LHTC )

- Virginia Homeless Solutions Program ( VHSP )

Families and Households
Economy and Small Businesses
Virginia's Agricultural Revolution
Workers' Rights
Public Safety
Honesty in Government