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       The Western Tidewater area of Virginia is a wonderland of natural beauty and it is also home to a wide variety of animal and plant species. Even more amazing, is the fact that it is now like a world of green on the edge of an ever expanding area of urban sprawl and traffic congestion.
       Jerry , if elected, will work tirelessly to maintain a balance between the social need for economic growth and the need to preserve our district's natural underground aguafiers,streams, waterways, wetlands, and woodlands. He believes that it would be a crime to let anyone destroy the natural wonders that belong to all generations of Virginians. And he also believes that together our residents can work to always protect and preserve the green and life sustaining environments of:

Isle of Wight County                         Prince George County
Suffolk County                                  Surry County
Southampton County                        Franklin City
Sussex County 

       Jerry is an experienced state environmental planner. His first
professional job out of graduate school was that of an environmental planner for the state of West Virginia.  For three years he worked with the Water Resources Division of the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources. And, during that period of time he worked in governmental offices that dealt with construction grants funding , hazardous waste management, and municipal water permits. Additionally, he was assigned as a staff assistant to the  Deputy Director of the Water Resources Division. And, in that position,
he helped to coordinate the West Virginia State Water Resources Development Plan. 
       As can be seen Jerry has an extensive experience with the workings of water policies in our federal system of government.  And he pledges to use that knowledge protect all of the water sources in both our district and across our beautiful state.
       Here are some of Jerry's  positions regarding issues that will affect the quality of our environment in our district.

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
       Jerry will support additional funding for all state environmental
inspection operations. Only a strong inspection and monitoring program can guarantee that our air, water, and natural resources are properly protected.

Natural Gas Pipeline Development

       Jerry will not support the development of natural gas pipelines across our beautiful rural part of the state.  He firmly believes that the construction and  employment benefits are short term in nature and that the potential for long term esthetic and ecological damages are far too great. Instead, he would prefer to see our district invest in renewable energy technologies that will be environmentally safe and provide greater long term benefits for our district's residents.

 Federal Waters of the United States Rule

       Jerry believes that all of Virginia's resident should be
concerned about President Trump's recent 'decision to review a federal water protection rule that is entitled the Waters of the United States Rule . It is a federal action that eventually will allow large agricultural and development interests to drain both our state's and  district's wetlands and small streams. More specifically, it will have tremendous implications for our district's agricultural, real estate, gravel,sand and ranching sectors. And it could increase the potential endangerment of our critical habitats for aquatic species and migratory birds.
       Jerry, knows that without this type of government protection innumerable Western Tidewater underground aquifers ,small streams, and wetlands will be vulnerable to unregulated pollution. And he also knows that they are essential for drinking water supplies,flood protection, and fish and wildlife habitats. Therefore, if elected, he will present state legislation to  provide greater protection for all the waters that this rule once protected. 




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