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              Our District's Alternative Energy Future

      Residents of the Virginia 64th state house district live with constant economic, social, and political change. Either the people can vote to control those forces or surely they will be controlled by them. That immediate need for prudent action is especially true  when  we vote for  someone  to represent us in Richmond.  Someone  who  will  promote an energy agenda to meet both our present, and our children’s  future,  economic and energy needs. If he is elected, Jerry will work to promote that agenda for our district's residents.

State Energy Plan

      Jerry will strongly support the Virginia Energy Plan. It assesses the state's primary energy sources and recommends actions to meet the state's energy needs. It also strives to make Virginia the energy capital of the East Coast by expanding alternative energy production, jobs,investment,and by also increasing energy conservation and efficiency. And additionally, he will promote investment in clean energy research and development.     
Alternative Energy  Production and Storage

      Alternative energy is any energy source that is an alternative to fossil fuel. They are clean, environmentally friendly, and  renewable sources of energy and many of these sources are available in our region of Virginia. And their future development and usage could greatly reduce the cost of heating and cooling our Virginian homes, public places of accommodation , and workplaces. Additionally, their immediate development in our district could also create thousands of jobs for those individuals and companies who will provide the energy services to our district's local residents.
      Jerry believes that our district's future economic stability and energy independence will be tied to the production and utilization of these clean and environmentally friendly energy sources. More specifically , sources such as biofuels, biomass, geothermal, solar and wind power.
    Here are the energy sources which Jerry will work to more fully develop in our area of Virginia. Their increased production can mean an economic boom for our district.                                      
Biofuel Production

    Biofuel is a renewable source of energy that can be  readily derived from organic materials such as plants and food waste.  And unlike other renewable energy
sources it can be converted into liquid fuels.  Thus, Jerry will support the continued development and expansion of biofuels production in our district.  Primarily because biofuels, such as ethanol and biodiesel, are clean fuels that can  be made from locally produced plant materials..

Geothermal  Energy

      Geothermal energy is a clean and sustainable source of power.  It  is simply the internal heat that is contained in the rock and liquids that are beneath the earth's surface. And fortunately, it can be harnessed to provide clean, and  renewable, energy for the cooling and heating of moden houses and other  buildings.  This is accomplished by installing  geothermal heat pump systems that are five times more energy efficient than ordinary heating systems.  

      Jerry will act to provide assistance for both geothermal system consumers and installers. More specifically, he will  support legislation similar to last legislative session's House bills 1632  and 1891. They  will both provide tax relief to  residents who install geothermal heat pump systems.  Jerry will also act to provide tax credits for companies that drill geothermal wells. These legislative actions will dramatically decrease the overall cost of installing  a geothermal system . Thus, they will help provide an economy of scale for this underdeveloped and potentially  dynamic energy saving industry.  Moreover, the Virginia Geothermal and Heat Pump Association has claimed that these actions could also provide the funds to jumpstart  the geothermal industry in Virginia.  And also have the potential to create over fifty thousand new energy industry  jobs in our state.                                                                           

 Home Energy Storage                                                                                             

      Home energy storage is rapidly becoming a practical reality in America. And advances in battery technology,along with federal solar energy tax incentives,are driving the demand for 
lower costing energy storage
systems. Thus, Jerry argues
that it is time for our state to
provide greater assistance
for individuals and
companies who will
decentralize the production
of electrical power. Instead 
of relying on a one hundred
year old monopolistic model
of energy production and
storage, it is time to support
the creation of a decentralized and
competitive free market system of energy production.

Solar Energy
      Numerous  studies show that the price of solar energy production has been steadily dropping.  And now, the cost of  solar energy production  is   comparable or even cheaper than that of natural gas. Also,  many energy and investment experts claim that the costs will continue to decline over the next few decades. Therefore, Jerry argues that our district's  and region's best interests will be served with the future development and expansion of small to medium sized solar energy power systems. More specifically,  he argues for expansion  of  home solar energy  systems and the  development of locally owned and operated microgrid power companies.  Additionally, the new microgrid companies will be able to finally provide free market competition to the large  monopolistic energy electric power
companies  that exist in our state.  It is time for our district to decentralize energy production rather than allowing one or two companies to dominate the state's electrical energy production market.                                                               
            If elected,  Jerry will propose  legislation to allow for greater support for home solar sytsem installation. He will also propose that an incubator program be established for the development of graphene based solar panels. Scientists around the world are developing these incredible solar panels that can produce electrical energy even when it rains.  And soybeans,which are grown in our region, could become a major material needed  in the construction of this new and  incredible type of solar panel.                                                                                        
      A number of people have created some very good articles and videos that discuss the declining costs of solar power. Also, others have provided materials about the development of graphene based solar panels. Jerry hopes that you will consider what they have to say about our district's and world's need for renewable and sustainable energy sources..



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