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Small Business Economic Focus

     Jerry Cantrell, like Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, believes many national and state economic policies have given too much economic and political power to large national and multinational corporations. Both believe that this is unfair to Virginian small businesses and damages our state and regional economies.    
     Jerry Cantrell knows almost ninety eight percent (98%) of all Virginian private sector employers are small business owners . And Jerry, along with many of our residents, can see that small businesses significantly impact both our state's economy and its fiscal condition. However, small businesses collectively employ about forty seven (47%) of the state's private sector work force. This economic condition defies common sense logic and Jerry wants to see small businesses employee a much larger portion of our state's work force. Therefore, he would like to fight for the following economic game-changing initiatives.

Business Employers

      Business operations and needs are not all alike. Thus, Jerry believes there is not a "one fit" approach to build, sustain, and grow small businesses. Here are just a few of the programs which he believes can spur a twenty first century small business economic revolution in Virginia.

Micro-Business Employers

     Micro-businesses employ no more than twenty five people. They are also very prone to business failure. Therefore, Jerry proposes to jump start these business with the following tax incentives.

       - Five Year New Micro- Business Tax Moratorium

         Exempt new micro-businesses from state taxation for a five year time period.  This will help them to survive until their operations can be totally self-sustained.

       - Provide additional tax relief for all existing micro-businesses.

      -  Establish a Living Wage Grant Program.
        This grant program would be specifically designed to provide a higher wage for micro-business employees. It would also help this type of employer attract more reliable employees. And, it would be a better investment than having workers apply for various types of social welfare benefits and supplemental income assistance payments.

Medium Sized Business Employers

      Medium sized businesses incentives would only be given to employers that employee no more than one hundred people .

     - Medium Sized Business Tax Reductions

       Tax reductions would support the increase of company production and service delivery. They would only be allowed for companies that agree to increase wage rates as profit levels rise.

Large Corporate Employers

These are corporations that often employee more than one  hundred employees.
     - Tighten Payment Procedures and Administrative Rules

     - Large corporate businesses contracts would be granted only after a company agrees the state will only be financially liable after actual tangible services  have been rendered. This will help to assure only the most reputable companies do business with our state.

Family Farms

      Family farms are a cherished part of our district’s rich heritage. They are also a major share of farming operations in our legislative district. However, these family run businesses are slowly disappearing in Virginia and across the country. Jerry believes this trend should be reversed and he will work hard to preserve all valuable family farmlands. He will also present legislation to significantly increase state funding for the Office of Farmland Preservation . Primarily because it provides important programs  to help working families preserve their generations old farms.  And, it also works  to protect vital habitats for wildlife across the Tidewater region.
      Jerry believes our state must make sure there are always numerous small farm producers in our state's agricultural market. To do less will allow for the consolidation of farmlands under monopolistic corporations that will control our state's economic

Worker Owned Companies and Cooperatives
     Worker owned companies and cooperatives are the most democratic forms of employment structures. All workers own part of the company and they all receive benefit from its economic operations. And, there is strong evidence to support the arguments that employees in these companies are much more dedicated to making their employment an economic success. Therefore, Jerry will support legislation to help residents create more of these people empowering economic structures in our district.
Here are videos, that were produced by others.A couple of them talk about the importance of preserving family farms and the others emphasize the importance of creating worker cooperatives. Please review them for a better understanding of these two important worker issues. 



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