A New Breed
of Democrat!


21st Century Legislative Leadership!


       I am pleased to announce that I will be a candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates’ 64th District seat. If elected, it will be an honor and a privilege to serve as your delegate, and I solemnly pledge to represent all of our residents with the highest  levels of honesty,integrity, and leadership. These are challenging economic times for both our district and for our state. In response, I will present a legislative agenda that will provide greater economic prosperity for all of the families and workers in our district.
      Our residents are looking for, and deserve, a representative who has the compassion, experience, knowledge, and common sense to fight for laws that will make a real difference in their lives. That is why I will actively support programs that genuinely promote the prosperity, safety, and rights of all of our residents, and you have my promise that I will fight especially hard to protect the rights of children,  working families, and small business.


      Jerry and his wife, Anna, have been married for seventeen years and has three sons. Anna has a degree in Food Technology and has helped provide elderly care for the past fifteen years. His oldest son, Jesse, is a practicing lawyer in Columbus ,Ohio. His second son, Joshua, has a masters degree in business administration and works as an administrator for Enterprise Truck Rental in Houston, Texas.  His youngest son, Christian, recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in computer network engineering from The Ohio State University. Needless to say, Jerry is very proud of his adult sons, his two daughters-in-law (Brianna and Kelly), and his wife. He is even prouder to have Sloane as his precious two-year-old granddaughter.
      Jerry is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and he attends its services in the City of Franklin. He has been active with the church since 1976 and has often taught Sunday school classes and helped to provide services and assistance to both church and non-church members. He sincerely believes that all peaceful faiths should be appreciated and respected.    


         Jerry Cantrell was born in Iaeger, West Virginia. His father, Alexander, was a hard working coal miner and also a small acreage farmer. He taught Jerry to respect God, family, community, hard work, nature, and personal independence. His mother, Reathia, taught him the same values plus the importance of having charity for others in  this world.

         Because of economic hard times, Jerry's family moved from southern West Virginia to northeastern Ohio. While living there he graduated from high school and became very involved in both academic and extracurricular activities. He was a  member of both the school cross country and track teams. However, his highest honor was the receiving of his school's citizenship award.  
      After  graduating from high school, Jerry went to Provo, Utah and attended Brigham Young University. While there he received a bachelors degree in political science and he also became an intern for Democratic Governor Scott Mattheson. His major responsibilty was that of staff assistant for the Governor's Council on Economic and Community Development. 

              Brigham Young University's school motto is:
       "Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve"

      This motto has had a great influence on the rest of Jerry's professional life.
      After graduation from BYU, Jerry decided to become even more active in civic affairs and moved to Morgantown, West Virginia. While living there he obtained a masters degree in political science.  He also took off a year to work as a staff assistant for the West Virginia Office of Legislative Services and was assigned to do financial research for the state House of Delegates' Education Committee.
      Following his graduation from West Virginia University, Jerry was hired as a planner for the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources' Water Resource Division. For three and a half years he was assigned to work in the municipal permits, hazardous waste management, construction grants sections of the agency. He was ultimately promoted to be the staff assistant for the Deputy Director of the Water Resources Division, primarily for the purposes of providing support for coordination of the West Virginia Water Resources Development Plan.  
      For a number of years, Jerry worked on a doctoral degree in political science. He attended Kent State University in Kent, Ohio and focused his educational attention on the mastery of public administration processes and public policy analyses. He was later hired for a year at the University of Akron in Akron, Ohio. While teaching there he became active in national politics and was selected as a delegate for Senator Gary Hart to the 1984 Democratic National Convention in San Francisco, California.

      Since 1988, Jerry has mostly worked in a supporting role as an educator for our country's military personnel. From 1988 to 1992, he taught graduate level public administration courses for Troy State University. This involved the teaching of public budgetting, finance, planning, and  policy analyses courses  on fourteen air force bases throughout Europe and the Middle East.     
           However, with the ending of the Cold War, many American Air Force bases were were closed down in Europe. Jerry returned back to the United States and took a political science teaching job at Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant, Oklahoma. After just three years of teaching in Oklahoma he was offered an opportunity to once again teach members of America's military community.


       Jerry presently works for Central Texas College's Atlantic Division office in Norfolk, Virginia. CTC is the main educational contractor for providing NCPACE instructor-lead college courses on active duty Navy ships. Over a long career he has worked in different capacities for this college. For over eighteen years he embarked on more than fifty naval ships. He was out to sea most of those years and prides himself on being a political science instructor for our Nation's Naval students. Most recently, he has been working for two years as the college division's Coordinator of Student Services. A position that allows him the opportunity to provide student counseling services,  public relations support, and various forms of faculty
assistance, guidance, and work load review.   

       For twenty-three years Jerry has done his best to support both his family and our country. From his employment, his home has been the world. His job with Troy State University required that he live and work with military personnel in Europe. His tenure with Central Texas College required that most of his time be spent on ships that travelled the high seas. Because of this quasi-military lifestyle, he seldom had the convenience of being with his family for more than a few months out of a given year.

       Jerry and his wife Anna were married in Norfolk,Virginia. They lived there for two years but had to
move for financial reasons. Now, after living in southern Oklahoma, they have returned to the Tidewater area and truly love the beauty and goodness of the state that was the home of our forefathers.

           Jerry is a strong believer in individual freedom. Yet he is not a strident conservative nor a strict 
liberal. Instead he believes that modern ideologies are outdated for the world that we live in. For the most part, he tends to organize his political ideas around the teachings of Jesus Christ and the writings of former presidents Thomas Jefferson, John Kennedy, and Woodrow Wilson.

             The teachings of Jesus Christ are, and always will be, the foundations of Jerry's personal and political ideas and views--especially his teachings that we all part of one worldwide family, a family that should always strive to live in peace and harmony with each other. Jerry believes that when possible we should show charity to those who are truly in need of a helping hand.

             In addition to the Bible, Jerry has been greatly influenced by the knowledge and wisdom that he gained from his elder family members. All of them were hard working and honorable country people. They taught him a number of very important lessons. First ,to have a great respect for common sense solutions to problems. Second, the importance of a person's word to others. And third, to work for what is morally right.

             Jerry's political ideals have also been greatly influenced by the words and writings of three former presidents. The ideals of liberty that were expressed by President Thomas Jefferson, Woodrow Wilson, and
John Kennedy. Thomas Jefferson taught him that all men are created equal, meaning that all men and women are by nature born free and ought to always remain free. Jefferson also taught him that independent and hard working farmers are the people who will fight to protect their cherished lands. Woodrow Wilson helped him to understand that family farms must be protected from large companies that will use various unfair economic practices to control whole agricultural markets. And John Kennedy's famous words "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country," inspired him to place
public service before personal gain.          
These are the ideals that Jerry hopes  will always be nurtured in our
historic region of Virginia.


       Jerry is a lifelong educator, administrator, and potential legislative innovator. He has taught numerous undergraduate national, state and local, and urban government courses. He has also taught a wide selection of graduate level public administration courses. However, he is more than an academic. He is a man of action and results. That is to say, he can has professional portfolio of experience that shows extensive administrative experience in dealing with educational, environmental and economic issues. He has been an accomplished environmental planner and state construction grant reviewer. He can even tout his strong support for service members in all of the major military branches. Clearly one can see that his life has been one of action and service for the good of his family, community, and country.                     
                     Jerry firmly believes that the residents of the 64th district will be his employers. 


       The Cantrell family name is one that is historically associated with dignity, honor, and service to the community. These are a few of the educational themes that helped to form Jerry's personal character. They also helped to instill in him a great respect for people of all walks of life.

       Family research and oral traditions have claimed that eastern Virginia was the pioneer land of Jerry's early American ancestors. It also shows that one of his earlier ancestors, First Gentleman William Cantril, brought the family name to the Tidewater area of eastern Virginia. William Cantril was also one of the signers of the Second Virginia Charter (1609). Thus, the Cantrell family helped to establish local representative government in southern colonial America. 
       Moving closer to our time, his more recent western Virginian grandparents were always identified as farmers and woodland people of honor and integrity. Not to be forgotten, they were also fathers and mothers with stamina and pure raw grit. For example, in one written history of Buchanan County Virginia, Jerry's great- great- great grandfather, Issac, was known as a well-respected woodsman. The author of the same county history stated that all of the local Cantrells were honest and respected people.
     Jerry's grandfather, Wilburn Cantril/Cantrell, was born in Virginia, but because of economic necessity, his parents moved him and his siblings to southern West Virginia. There, he became a well-respected school teacher and lumberman.  Along with Jerry's grandmother's name, Lady Belle, the Cantrell family name was revered for their charity and hard working lifestyle.    
       Finally, a few words can be said about Jerry's father, Alexander, and his mother, Reathia. Alexander was a coal miner and machinist by trade. He taught Jerry and his siblings the values of hard work, honor, and devotion to what is right. His loving mother taught them the same values plus a great respect for the support of children.

       These are the people that made Jerry the man that he is today. That is why his efforts in your wonderful area and political district will forever be focused on the needs of children and working families.